It's becoming increasingly evident in the scientific literature that the gut microbiome is central to human health as it plays a key role in regulating the immune, metabolic and neuroendocrine systems.  


Research shows that disruptions in microbial composition can lead to low-level chronic systemic inflammation which in turn alters hormonal, metabolic and neurological function.  These derangements have been associated with poor physical and mental health, accelerated ageing (or inflammageing), and weight gain.


BiomeMD® is a 6-week clinically-managed program based on the principals of Nutritional Medicine.  It aims to improve gut microbial composition and manage the drivers of inflammageing, as well as support key physiological functions in order to bring the body back into a more balanced state.  



The Science
Decades of inappropriate dietary advice, increasing exposure to environmental toxins and chronic stress have impaired the foundational physiological processes essential for optimal health.  There is much misinformation on health and wellness, and all too often it does more harm than good. It's therefore important to understand the science and let it guide our decisions regarding our health.
BiomeMD® is based on science.   Each recommendation made in the program, and every nutrient included in the formulations have been found in research to serve a specific role towards assisting the foundational processes responsible for health and longevity.  
The Assessment Process
BiomeMD® incorporates specific dietary techniques alongside three pure-form nutrient formulations to achieve therapeutic functions in the body.  However, one size does not fit all.  A low-carb intermittent fasting program may work for one individual but could be destructive for another.  In addition, nutrients are therapeutic substances that may interact with pharmacological agents or over-the-counter products.
The on-line or in-clinic assessment is therefore essential before participation. It will ensure that your BiomeMD® protocol is adjusted according to your individual needs, to optimise results.
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