One of the key roles of gut microbiota is to regulate the immune system.  Any imbalance in the composition of the gut microbiota has the potential to cause inflammation throughout the body.  It is now known that inflammation triggers a number of hormonal, metabolic and neurological derangements that can result in weight gain.


BiomeMD™ is a 6-week practitioner-supervised program that utilises compounded nutrient formulations to improve gut microbial composition and address the drivers of weight gain and resistance to weight loss.  



The Science
The gut microbiota is essential for health as it plays an important role in maintaining, supporting and modulating almost every physiological and cellular process.   (1,2,3).  
The dietary recommendations made in the BiomeMD™ protocol and the ingredients chosen for the nutrient formulations are backed by scientific research into the gut microbiota and its impact on weight management.   
The Assessment Process

BiomeMD™ is a practitioner-supervised program that includes the use of three nutrient formulations. 

Nutrients are therapeutic substances that may interact with certain medications or over-the-counter products, therefore an assessment by an approved health practitioner must be performed prior to participating in the protocol.

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